Legal Clinic: "Law in Sport”

Legal Clinic: "Law in Sportis intended for the students of the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana, to become familiar with the relatively new field of law, which is becoming more and more important in (for) the society. Students are to gain additional knowledge that shall be helpful in their further engagement in their own profession or in extracurricular activities.

 What is the Legal Clinic "Law in Sport?

The Legal Clinic is organized by the student coordinators under the mentorship of Professor Saša Zagorc, PhD, and conducted in a series of lectures by renowned experts in the field of law and sport, which take place at the faculty. Topics of lectures are selected in the way that the largest possible area of the law in sport is presented to the students, thereby familiarizing them with the field of law, which is not part of the regular study plan of the faculty.

The students also gain some practical experience in the field of law and sport. Selected students have the opportunity to conduct an internship in the sports organizations, where they have the opportunity to get to know the ongoing legal issues encountered by the sports organizations in carrying out their activities and thereby deepen their knowledge acquired during the lectures. So far, internships were offered at the Football Association of Slovenia and at the Olympic Committee of Slovenia - Association of Sports Federations. Organizers are striving for the future opportunities in the other sports federations.

First Legal clinic was (first) organized in the academic year 2011/12.

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