Impressions of some of Erasmus students from the past years

After having lived in three countries of Central ad Western Europe, I was searching to experience a different culture once again. Slovenia is a country I have never visitied before Erasmus, and about which I did not know a lot. Today, I can say that it's one of my favorite countries (and I visited many countries). Once arrive,d I was really well suprised by Ljubljana and by the country in general. Ljubljana is a human-sized and safe city. Slovenians are very nice and respectful people. Here in Ljubljana, the "erasmus-spirit" is very present. The country offers absolutely amazing landscapes and beautiful nature, everything is here: forests, sea, mountains, lakes etc. For a student coming from a western country, Ljubljana is a cheaper city with a lot of possibilties. Also, I had the opportunity to follow very interesting lectures, by a native American teachers about US law. Finally, Slovenia is close to many countries which is really interesting for an Erasmus experience.
Nikola Kaserova, University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
It is hard to express how much Ljubljana has given me in only four months. It is a small city, made on a human scale, clean, romantic, safe, cheerful and full of opportunities, well organized and always ready to amaze you.

Walking through the streets of the center, breathing the good smell of freshly cooked food in the countless restaurants, you can just smile and feel good.  After only a few days you are at home: the view of the castle that stands among the historic buildings, the promenade by the river, the beauty of the city park, the chatter of the travelers, Prešeren Square, and so many other familiar things. I can not imagine a better place for my Erasmus, a more rewarding experience, more friendly and helpful people, a warmer welcome, a way to grow and know yourself more beautiful than the months I spent in Ljubljana and at the Faculty of Law. Come to Ljubljana, it's a daydream.
Martina Puccio, University of Palermo (Italy)

Ljubljana is definitely the city you need to visit at least once in a lifetime. It fascinates you with stunning nature, very nice weather, warm atmosphere and welcoming people. I got lucky as I lived here for 4 months. As speaking about the faculty, the courses I attended totally met my expectations. Particularly, I would like to thank professor Simoneti for great lectures and potentially useful future knowledge. Further, Erasmus team organized a number of trips, both in Slovenia and outside. Moreover, I got the chance to meet some really nice fellow student that I hope to see again one day. All in all, my Erasmus experience gave me much more than expected. Thank you Ljubljana for being my home, you’ve got a place in my heart. I promise to come back.

Corina Negru, Maastricht University (Netherlands)

The past four months I spent at the Faculty of law of the University of Ljubljana was definitely one of the best experiences in my life. Slovenia is such a beautiful country and all the Slovenian people I have met are so friendly and kind-hearted. Courses are well-organized and all teachers are so friendly and willing to answer my questions and help me. Although I came from a totally different country, actually I didn't meet too much trouble here. All I felt here were love and happiness. And it is also a good chance for me to get acquainted with different people from all over the world and get to know different cultures as well as the outside world. As for me, the whole Erasmus experience in Ljubljana is such a wonderful memory. I have started missing all things here.

Yining Chen, China University of Political Science and Law (China)
It's hard to imagine that there would be a place on Earth where you wouldn't enjoy your Erasmus experience. However, Ljubljana is a true paradise for exchange students. Law Faculty welcomes you very warmly here and organizes nice trips around Slovenia. Student dormitories offer great atmosphere and many sport or cultural events. Life in the center of Ljubljana is so nice you have to smile walking on its streets. You also get supported with meal coupons called "boni" that every exchange student adores! In Slovenia, everything is so close and so beautiful. I fell in love with this place and it was very hard to leave after almost one year.

Monika Vavříková, Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic)

I’ve dreamed to visit Europe for a few years, but never had a real chance to do that until the autumn 2016 when I arrived in Ljubljana for my studies as an exchange student. The first impression I had was so strong that I couldn’t believe it was really happening to me: it was definitely love at first sight. Looking back, I can say Ljubljana met all my expectations and even more than that. People there are absolutely friendly and eager to help you, if you need help. Besides, almost everyone in Ljubljana speaks English, which is a great opportunity to improve one’s language skills. As for the professors of the Faculty of Law, it was obvious they really cared and wanted students to understand educational material. Furthermore, they were very supportive and enthusiastic to answer additional questions concerning their subject. While studying in Ljubljana, I travelled to some other European countries as well, but it only strengthened my conviction that this city will always stay in my heart. Those 4 months are, so far, the most vivid and fascinating experience in my whole life, and I am completely happy that Ljubljana has become the first city in Europe I’ve ever lived in.
Daulet Kuderin, L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University (Kazakhstan)
My Erasmus in Ljubljana was one of the best experiences in my life. Ljubljana is a lovely and cosy city, with its castle rising over the city and the river running through the city centre. Slovenia itself is a wonderful country, with breath taking landscapes. The place to be for admirers of nature, like me.
The law faculty is located in the city centre, a perfect location. It’s very well organized, I haven’t experienced any difficulties regarding my classes nor regarding something else. I liked the way the classes have been given, in small groups. That gave the opportunity to get to know my fellow students well.
My time in Ljubljana changed my view on very different aspects of life, broadening my horizon. I realized the world is much bigger than the one I used to know before I left on Erasmus. I learned how to handle situations which aren't easy on my own and became more mature and independent. I don't hesitate anymore to start a conversation with people. Most important of all, I discovered myself, partly thanks to the people I met, whom I’ll never forget.
Anastasia Toumanova, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgija)

When I decided for Ljubljana as my Erasmus destination, I wanted to try something special and maybe not so "well- known" like places in Western Europe where almost everybody from my country wanted to go. Of course, I didn´t know what is waiting for me...But now  I must say that time I spent in Ljubljana was the best time of my life, without a doubt. During that wonderful five months I survived many many amazing things, I met a lot of great people (now- my friends) from the whole Europe, I got to know a lot of beautiful places and I have totally fallen in love with whole Slovenia headed by its capital city, of course. I must mention that Slovenian people are really kind, they all are so positive,  they smile all the time and are willing to help anytime not depending on person who needs help. I was convinced about it many times during my stay in Ljubljana. To sum up, I will never forget to my Slovenian Erasmus experience, because everything (quality of school and professors, great people, beautiful city) absolutely exceeded my expectations. I am really thankful for the opportunity to spend perfectly amazing semester at Faculty of Law in Ljubljana. It was the best choice I could do.
Sandra Fischerová, Commenius University (Slovakia)

Exactly the 6 months spent in Ljubljana was definitely the best time in my life. It provided me with the experience of living alone abroad for such a long time. I've meet probably the best people ever, Erasmus and also Slovene students. I could visit places which still make me feel amazed by their beauty. I could speak more in English but what's more important, could learn some Slovene (I've completed three levels of the course). Now in Poland I'm trying to learn even more.
Staying there helped me in being more European, on the other hand I could make my Polish friends aware of the existence of such a small country, about which they haven't heard much. It was the time of learning, not only at the faculty, but in everyday life – about the variety of cultures, languages, food (excellent!) and many, many more. Spending a semester in Ljubljana means more to me than whole my studies. I will never forget it. 
Barbara Sajnog, Jagiellonian University (Krakow, Poland)

I chose Ljubljana mainly because I thought it would be a good personal experience. I come from Spain, a country quite different from Slovenia, in lifestyle, climate, etc. Also, it was one of the Erasmus destinations offered by my Faculty in which you could take the courses in english. These were the main reasons, but there are more, like the geographical location of Slovenia, because it's close to a lot of other interesting countries, and I was very interested in knowing the history of the Balkans. I really liked Ljubljana because you have all the things of a big city in a small city and it's not so expensive. I also think that there are a lot of facilities for students. During my stay I met a lot of people and I improved my English, so I can just say thanks for one of the best years of my life.
Rocío Arenas Montes, University of Seville (Spain)

I was impressed by the direction Slovenia had taken during recent years and I wanted to experience a country that is very close and European on the one hand, and so little known by so many people on the other hand. It was my first choice, having other universities to choose from as well.

My stay in Ljubljana turned out to be even better than expected. I learned to love this wonderful and beautiful country and made friends with so many people from Slovenia and the rest of the world.

Markus Kotowski, University of Augsburg (Germany)

My Erasmus experience in Ljubljana went way beyond my expectations. I believe there was no better place to choose. The minor difficulties and obstacles I met meant nothing (and it's not like you can go through the year without a single problem), compared to the wonderful time I had there.

I will never forget my Erasmus and Ljubljana experience, and the whole of Slovenia in general will always have a warm place in my heart, and will always bring only good memories to mind.
Sonia Anger, University of Wrocław (Poland)

I chose the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana as my Erasmus destination because I heard only positive recommendations from my friends who were in Ljubljana as Erasmus students in previous years. And secondly, I found that the study programe for Erasmus students at your faculty and actually also the whole range of courses is really on a very high level.

My stay in Ljubljana more than met my highest expectations. If I could, I would stay for at least another semester. It has been the best half-year of my life, without a doubt.
Zuzana Jankovičová, Commenius University (Slovakia)

I chose University of Ljubljana as my Erasmus destination for the original intention to experience an exotic life. My five-month-life in Ljubljana was full of wonders. This small but all-embracing city contains almost everything and a variety of ideas from both Eastern and Western Europe. The perfect location gave me a good understanding about the basic knowledge of the Europe, especially the Balkans. I was also impressed by the breath-taking natural sceneries and the well-preserved ecological environment all over Slovenia. Coming from a country where culture, food, lifestyle and language are totally different, I found it little difficult in adapting to the native life, because of the selfless help I got from my friends, either Erasmus or Slovene. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to everybody I met and knew in Slovenia, as well as the memorial Erasmus experience in Ljubljana.
Chang Tan, Southwest University of Political Science and Law in Chongqing  (China)

University of Ljubljana was my number one choice from the beginning. The reason is that their Faculty of Law offered interesting courses. Besides that, also my colleagues, who were here before, encouraged me a lot and country itself attracted to come. And after my Erasmus period I can honestly say that I had the best academical and cultural experience. Subjects I studied helped me in my further studies at home university. Coordination was so smooth that a few problems which occurred to me were solved faster than I expected. I met a lot of interesting students from different countries, who became my friends. And Slovenia itself is a tiny miracle in Europe, which contains everything human being can want: from beautiful nature with mountains, waterfalls, lakes and the sea to active cultural life with a lot of events for everyone's taste. The only sad thing now is that my Erasmus period is over and all I can do is to encourage other students to come to Ljubljana!
Jurate Mitrikaite, Vilnius University (Lithuania)

When my Law Faculty in Athens announced to me that I would spend my Erasmus in Ljubljana I would have never imagined that it would be one of the greatest periods of my life. As Slovenia is completely different from my country I experienced how it is to wake up and see the castle and walk by the river on the way to the University. I met people from all over the world, improved my English and added Slovene words into my daily life vocabulary. The Faculty of Law in Ljubljana is very well organized and I was completely satisfied with the courses and the professors. As I am the first Erasmus student who came from my Faculty to Ljubljana I will definitely recommend it to other students from Athens. I will always remember the trips across and outside Slovenia, really good food, friendly people and Erasmus parties. Ljubljana is for me a dream student city and I am waiting for the time that I will visit it again! 
Maria Stavrianou, University of Athens (Greece)
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