Moot Court Competitions


One of the most developed extra-curricular activities offered to the students is the participation in teams that compete each year at various European and world law moot court competitions.
Especially in the last decade, the number of competitions, in which the Ljubljana Faculty of Law teams participate regularly, has grown from the initial few to no less than seven. It is the interest of each generation of students as well as the conditions on the part of the organizers that determine which moot court teams will be formed in the given year.

In principle, the teams are coached by the junior academic staff, the enthusiasm of whom has been so far the true driving force behind the expansion of this activity and the notable successes, among which some are really quite formidable.
These are the teams, together with short descriptions of their participation history and successes:

The Annual Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court Competition (Vienna, Austria and Hong Kong)
- participation: from 1998; aprox.130 teams from 40 countries; official language: English; major successes: in 2002/2003, the overall 3rd place, in 2003/2004, 2nd place for one of the team’s speaker and a special diploma for the team’s written memorandum for the plaintiff; 2010, Hong Kong, out 75 teams,
Honorable Mentioning for Eric Begrsten Award for the Best Claimant's Memorandum and Honorable Mentioning for Fali Nariman Award for the Best Respondent's Memorandum.
Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition (Washington, USA)
- participation: in 1994/1995, 2004/2005 and from 2005/2006; aprox. 600 teams; official language: English; major successes: in 2004/2005 overall 9th -16th place and 7th place for the written memoranda; 2009/2010 an incredible semi finals (among top 4 in the world) and 6th place for the written memoranda.

European Law Moot Court Competition (Grand Finals in Luxembourg; four regional finals in different cities each year)
- participation: from 2002/2003; in 2006, the Ljubljana Faculty of Law hosted one of regional finals; aprox. 100 teams; official languages: English and French; major successes: in 2003/2004: in the Grand Finals, 1th place for the team’s Advocate General (AG); 2005/2006, in the Grand Finals, 2nd place for AG;

Concours Européen des Droits de l'Homme René Cassin (Strasbourg, France)
- participation : from 1998 ; aprox. 80 teams ; official language: French; major successes: in 2002, overall 6th place and 1th  
place for the written memorandum for the plaintiff, in 2009: overall 4th place; 2010 overal 10th place.

Central and East European Moot Court Competition (different cities)
- participation: from 2003; aprox. 15 teams; official language: English; major successes: in 2003, overall 1th place; in 2004, 1th  place for the speakers, overall 2nd place; in 2005, 1th place for the written memorandum;
Annual International Asylum Law Moot Court Competition (different cities)
participation: from 2003 until 2009 (competition now defunct); in 2004 the Ljubljana Faculty of Law hosted the competition; aprox. 25 teams; official language: English; major successes: in 2003 and 2007, overall 1th  place; in 2004, overall 2nd place. 
Regional Friedrich Born Moot Court Competition (humanitarian law; different cities)
- participation: from 2004; aprox: 10 teams; official language: English; major successes: in 2005, overall 1th place, 2007 2nd overall place; 2010 1st place overall.

One can find the photo galleries and more data about the teams at the following link (in Slovene).

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