History and Library Today

The Faculty of Law library history dates back to 1920. It was founded by the Faculty Council upon the incentive of Prof. Gregor Krek, the dedicated Head of the Library until his death in 1942. He was followed by Prof. Rudolf Sajovic, Prof. Gorazd Kušej and Prof. Bogomir Sajovic. Current head of the Library is prof. dr. Matjaž Ambrož. At first the library was intended for professors; after more than a decade it opened its doors to students and the professional public. The library had to deal with a constant lack of space, staff and funding. The collection was enriched through donated works, which in certain periods of time represented more than half of the collection. For several years, the library also acquired materials by means of the Journal of Scientific Treatises of the Faculty of Law.

Library Today
Today, the Faculty of Law library is a modern university library open to the public. It caters to students and professors of the Faculty of Law, as well as all external users. The entire library collection encompasses more than 140.000 items. Materials published after year 1980 (books) / 2000 (magazines) are freely available, whilst older materials are carefully stored. The library is subscribed to numerous foreign and local law magazines. A web page and a bulletin board keep all users updated. When the Faculty of Law moved to the new premises, the library was transformed into a modern library. The new premises enable proper preservation of materials and quality loans. The large and well-lit reading area provides the necessary space for nearly two hundred students. It has been noted that the new premises in fact attract more students. The library provides modern computer equipment for access to a number of online information sources.

Never before has so much material been added to the library’s roster every year. Due to its extensive collection of books and activities, the library is able to successfully carry out its mission of becoming a house of learning.

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