Collective Wisdom – A New form of Participation in the Management of Public Affairs

Kolektivna modrost – nova oblika sodelovanja ljudstva pri upravljanju javnih zadev

Mirko Pečarič

Collective wisdom should be put at the forefront of state management due to its operation in a direction of more impartial and professional information, as individual experts could give them. If a representative sample can give us a sufficient security not only as presumptions, but also for actions towards the conclusions from a joint consultation, this presents a new view on the management of public affairs. If the rules of prediction were associated with this method of obtaining data, their results would give more objectivity and flexibility of legal norms to real situations. By this way, a public system of collective wisdom would be established which could in complicated cases surpass the present, still largely hierarchical and indirect forms of democratic governance that rely primarily on intuition and expert opinions.

Key words:
public participation, statistical prediction rules, collective wisdom, information technology.

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Cite as:
Pečarič, Mirko: Kolektivna modrost – nova oblika sodelovanja ljudstva pri upravljanju javnih zadev,
in: Zbornik znanstvenih razprav, 76 (2016), pp. 167 – 197, DOI:

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