Protection of the Locational Privacy Using Mosaic Theory of Data

Varstvo lokacijske zasebnosti s pomočjo mozaične teorije podatkov

Primož Križnar

The individual’s right to privacy is one of the fundamental human rights. Part of this »embedded« right presents a person’s capability to move from a variety of different points and locations with reasonable expectation that performed paths, stops and current locations are not systematically recorded and stored for future use. Notwithstanding this, individuals often seem to be ignorant of the modern technology capabilities, which is aggressively interfering with wide spectrum of their privacy, part of which is also locational privacy. However, the following as one of the existential component of privacy must also be given all the necessary legal protection, which, at least for the time being, is reflected in the implementation of the mosaic theory in the European legal traditions with the help of established legal standards of the European Court of Human Rights regarding privacy.

Key words:
privacy, locational privacy, mosaic theory, modern information technology, jurisprudence.

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Cite as:
Križnar, Primož: Varstvo lokacijske zasebnosti s pomočjo mozaične teorije podatkov,
in: Zbornik znanstvenih razprav, 76 (2016), pp. 99 – 140, DOI:

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