Razpis nagrade The Odysseus Network za objavljeno delo s področja mednarodne zaščite in migracij v pravu Evropske unije

Two Odysseus Prizes for publications on EU Immigration or Asylum Law

The Odysseus Academic Network is proud to announce the launch of two annual prizes recognising outstanding academic research in the area of European Immigration or Asylum Law. Applications are now open. Full details, conditions and the application form can be seen on the Odysseus website. The Young Researcher Prize will be awarded to one author aged 35 or younger for excellent published work in this area. The Best Publication Prize recognises an outstanding contribution to the field by a more experienced researcher or professor. Applications from all European countries will be considered, with the prizes seeking in particular to honour publications from countries where research in the area is still limited. ​ The two winning authors will each receive an award of €1000. The prizes will be awarded during the 16th Annual Odysseus Summer School, which will take place in Brussels from 4 to 15 July 2016.


Eligibility Criteria  

  • The publication must focus on European issues in Immigration or Asylum Law
  • The submitted work must have been published between 01/01/2015 and  31/12/2015
The young researcher must be aged 35 or younger during the year of the submission

Further conditions of application for the Odysseus Prize

  • Submissions must be made by 23:59 on May 15th 2016
  • An applicant may only submit one item
  • Submissions in all EU languages will be accepted. However, for texts that are not originally published in English, an English-language summary of between 1,200 and 1,800 words must be provided
The submission procedure is by email. Refer to the website for full details and to download the application form

The prizes are created in the framework of the OMNIA Project coordinated by the Odysseus Network with the financial support of the Jean Monnet Programme of the European Commission
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