Vabilo za doktorske študente - poziv k oddaji prispevkov za zbornik St Antony’s International Review (STAIR)

Z Univerze v Oxfordu so nam poslali spodnje vabilo oziroma poziv za oddajo prispevkov za posebno izdajo zbornika STAIR:

I am reaching out on behalf of the St Antony’s International Review (STAIR) at the University of Oxford. STAIR is the only peer-reviewed, graduate student-run journal of global affairs at the University of Oxford, and we are currently accepting abstract submissions for our new special issue under the theme Revolution, retrenchment, or reform? Social movements in a changing political world.

I am pleased to forward you the attached call for abstracts below. This issue aims to investigate the multifaceted character of social movements and their roles as actors within the broader socio-political arena of a changing political world. We invite interdisciplinary contributions on the broad topics of structure and agency within social movements; social movements within a political context; and issue salience in social movements.

We would be grateful if you could refer us to any colleagues and researchers at the Faculty of Law of the University of Ljubljana, as well as its numerous research institutes, who may be interested in writing an article. Additionally, we ask that you please circulate the CfA with the faculty, research staff and doctoral students at the Faculty and research institutes.

The deadline for abstract submissions is 11 May 2020.

 About STAIR:

STAIR is the University of Oxford's peer-reviewed journal of international affairs. Founded in 2005, STAIR has carved out its distinctive niche as a cross-disciplinary outlet for research on the most pressing contemporary global issues, providing a forum in which emerging can publish their work alongside established academics and policymakers. Past contributors include John Baylis, Alexander Betts, Robert Keohane, and Sarah Percy. Each issue contains a Theme Section and a General Section.