Access to Online Classrooms at the UL Faculty of Law - Spletne učilnice PF

You can access our Online Classrooms at:

(login name and password: your UL Digital Identity of the form:


  • In order to use our Online Classrooms, you need to obtain UL student e-mail address (....
  • Please log in to the online classrooms via SSO (Single Sign-On) login. You will first access the Microsoft website, then the University of Ljubljana website, and then the online classroom will open. Always use your UL digital identity to log in.
  • You can also set your language to English if you click on your name initials in the right corner of the online classroom and select "jezik" and then "English".

All notifications and other messages sent to you by our lecturers from the Online Classrooms platform will be sent to your UL student e-mail address, therefore it is mandatory to register for this type of email address.

You can create your UL student email address on the same website where you have activated your UL Digital Identity - see HERE.

Should you have any problems while using the IT services at the University of Ljubljana, please contact the University Helpdesk or send email to:

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