2nd cycle

2nd cycle – Master Programme in Law

Master's study programme in Law is a new programme of legal studies at the Faculty of Law. It represents an upgrade to the new first-cycle programme and provides the formal level of education that is a prerequisite for taking the State Bar Examination. The new master’s study therefore cannot be compared to the old, non-Bologna Master’s study. The Master's study in Law is a one-year study that comprises two semesters and allows students to decide between the following study-orientation modules:

  • General module
  • Commercial law module
  • State law module
  • International law module
The duration of the study programme is 1 year.

The study programme comprises 60 ECTS.

Students who fulfil all of the obligations required by the study programme receive the professional title magister prava or magistrica prava.

Second Cycle Master’s Study Program in Law – Presentation Booklet

For more information on the programme and application process please contact Ms. Urša Janežič from the Student Affairs Office.

Language of Instruction
All lectures and seminar classes at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana are held in Slovenian, so mastering the Slovenian language is extremely important, not just for successful studies, using Slovenian textbooks and understanding and communication with lecturers, but also for communicating with your academic colleagues.

Information for Foreign Citizens
General information on the application and enrolment procedure for the 2nd cycle Master Study Programmes at the University of Ljubljana is available here

The call for enrolment into master’s study programmes at the University of Ljubljana is published each year between February and June for the next academic year. Students apply for enrolment into a master’s study programme in accordance with deadlines and the method specified in the Call for Enrolment.

Recognition of Foreign Education with a View to Access to Education in the Republic of Slovenia
Applicants with foreign higher education are required to apply for recognition of their education and certificates before entry into  postgraduate study programmes  offered by the University of Ljubljana. The procedure starts with the application for study in Slovenia. Guidance through the application and the required evidence is available on the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport web-sites.

Please note that the required evidence of foreign education can vary, dependent on the individual foreign country of origin.

During their first year at the University of Ljubljana, international students may attend the so-called Year Plus, in which the Slovenian language courses are mandatory. Year Plus is designed to help international students to adapt to the Slovenian system and culture in their first year of study in Slovenia. More information is available at the website of the University of Ljubljana: https://www.uni-lj.si/study/year-plus/

For more information on this procedure please contact Ms. Darja Rabzelj from the International Relations Office


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