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The Ljubljana Faculty of Law, established in 1919, is one of the founding members of the University of Ljubljana and the largest law faculty in Slovenia. On 15 April 1920, the first dean of the Faculty, Professor Leonid Pitamic, marked the beginning of the Faculty's teaching and research activities with an inaugural lecture titled "Law and Revolution”, emphasising that "we can neither make, share nor find justice, if there is no justice within ourselves”.

Ever since, the Faculty has offered its students an intellectually exciting learning environment with high academic standards at undergraduate and postgraduate level, promoting both legal knowledge and critical thought. We are very proud of our motto "The Tradition of Excellence”.

Through the years, the Faculty of Law remained committed to its mission to provide its students with the best possible legal education so as to prepare them for all the traditional legal professions. Today, it is not only the oldest but also – by any measure – the best law faculty in Slovenia. Located in a renovated building complex at the very centre of the city of Ljubljana, the Faculty boasts a large teaching staff working in nine departments, six further associated research institutes and the most extensive law library in the region.

In addition to educating excellent legal experts, the Faculty of Law is committed to the development of legal science and law in Slovenia. Its staff and students are engaged in legislative and social processes, namely in the following ways: through research and practical work within the institutes operating at the Faculty or in one way or another associated with it, through participation in legislative drafting, where with in-depth and extensive knowledge of specific fields they endeavour to ensure expert formation of legal texts, through participation in expert meetings aimed at training professionals from various fields and exchange of views (cooperation with the Judicial Training Centre, the Bar Association and the Chamber of Notaries) through commenting and clarifying legal issues in mass media.

We also nurture our international outlook and reputation. This is shown not only in the European, comparative, and international focus embodied in our study programmes, but also in the high mobility of our students and teaching staff, frequent visiting lecturers and other distinguished guests, successful participation in international student competitions, and a growing portfolio of international conferences and similar events taking place at the Faculty.

You are welcome to read the pdf version of our booklet which contains general information on the history and work of the Ljubljana Faculty of Law, save the current composition of the Faculty administration.

Saša Zagorc, PhD, Professor

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