Economic Club

Economic Club of the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana functions as a voluntary association of students and other members of the faculty, who are interested in discussing the most topical economic themes. The Club operates mainly through public lectures and internal meetings.

The management of the Club consists of 10 members. The administrative assistant of the club is a student of 2nd year Maša Tičar ( Along with the management there are currently 100 members of the Economic club.

The economic club has been operating for two decades. Topics discussed at Club’s meetings are current economically relevant issues.

Esteemed guests are regularly invited to lecture at the meetings. Topics discussed in recent years include: The optimistic economic platform for the new government , The Economy of the world and Slovenia, The problem of austerity, BITCOIN, Aspects of the Supreme Prosecutor's Office of Slovenia on current affairs from the financial sector , Siriza and Greek debt crisis, Economics and banking forecast, Delavska hranilnica and recovery of the Slovenian banking sector, Topical issues of insurance in Slovenia and common pension companies and other interesting economic issues.

Invited lecturers are experts in business and financial sector, who, after their introduction of the theme, engage in lively debate with the students.

Mentor of the Club is prof. dr. Franjo Štiblar.

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