Geneva Law Association

The Geneva Law Association (Ženevski klub pravnikov) is a voluntary, non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit society. It is first and foremost an association of students who study at Ljubljana Faculty of Law and exhibit special interest for international business law, economics or finance.

The association was named after the annual excursion to Geneva that was first conducted in 1989 by Prof. Dr. Franjo Štiblar. Initially, the membership was reserved for the students who actively participated in organisation of the excursions to Geneva, USA and in 2010 also to China and Singapore. Later, the association has evolved beyond the organisation of excursions and began to organise other events, such as lectures and seminars held by esteemed experts in the fields of law and economy.

In 2012, the activities of the association extended further when the members organised a unique law students competition called Prav(n)a rešitev (Legal solution). Groups of students competed in solving fictitious cases prepared by some of the most influential law firms in the country. Members of the winning teams were awarded payed internships. The competition is now conducted annually and grows in number of participating law firms as well as competing teams each year.

The Geneva Law Association thus strives to enrich the experience of study at the Ljubljana Faculty of Law, by building a bridge between academic excellence and practical knowledge as well as providing a vehicle for its members to develop and implement their ideas.

Additional information about the association and membership requirements can be obtained via email sent to:

Contact University of Ljubljana
Faculty of Law

Poljanski nasip 2
SI-1000 Ljubljana
+ 386 1 42 03 100 + 386 1 42 03 115