Student Council

The Student Council of the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana (SCFL) is an offical collegiate body that represents all law students attending the faculty .

The Council consists of 9 members, which are directly elected among students and are the only legal and offical representatives of students in the structure of the faculty. Therefore every student of the faculty has a right to vote or be voted.

The Council consists of the President, Vice-President and their deputies, secretary and 4 members. Student Council members hold office for one academic year. Each member has a right and duty to attend periodic meetings, which take place every month and are open to everyone.

The Student Council is defined by the faculty statute and its own Rules of Procedure as the representative of the opinions and interests of all students of the faculty as well as University of Ljubljana. The Student Council acts on behalf of students in consultation with the Dean about faculty policy in general and student interests in particular. It bridges the gap between students and faculty and supports and sponsors student groups and their activities. The Council has advisory rights in some matters and approval rights in others. Within its jurisdiction and through cooperation with the faculty members and other student associations, the Council carries out the program of interest activities for students (Curricular and Extra Curricular Activities).

We listen to students and address their concerns. We are here for the students, we are here for you.

How to reach us:


Tim Gaberšek, President:

Contact University of Ljubljana
Faculty of Law

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