Book Order

The papers presented at the conference will be published in the book entitled

International Environmental Law: Contemporary Conerns and Challenges

Edited by Dr. Vasilka Sancin

International environmental law today faces a broad spectrum of global chal­lenges from sufficient levels of protection of biodiversity, forests, marine envi­ronment and outer space to integration of multilateral environmental agree­ments, concerns of international adjudication and the confluence of patent law, foreign investments and environment. These issues and others, such as the protection of the environment in peace operations, the role of non-state actors, dichotomy of hard and soft law documents, and the responsibility of transna­tional corporations for environmental protection are critically addressed in this book and innovative solutions are provided both by international legal experts and environmental scientists. The book is thus a unique example of an interdis­ciplinary response to the global environmental challenges of humankind.


Hardback edition
English language
Date of publication: June 2012
Approx. 700 pages

The book can be ordered of 40,00 EUR (VAT included) + shipping costs.

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