The aim of the conference is to critically asses the challenges posed by environmental protection at the international level and address them through the provision of creative international environmental law solutions. The conference, which addresses one of the most important topics for the future of humankind, is set up as an interdisciplinary debate between environmental scientists and law experts. It will thus offer a new forum for debate and innovative thinking in search of new international environmental law solutions in this part of Europe. 

The conference participants will address the areas of climate change, forest, sea and biodiversity protection, including issues of sustainable development, human right to a clean environment, migation of populations, state responsibility, the role of non-state actors,… as well as the importance of international legal regulation of these issues. The presenters at the conference are the leading experts in the field from Slovenia and abroad. 

The intention of the conference is to establish a new platform for discussions on international environmental law, as the issues of international environmental law are seldome addressed and answered in such a comprehensive and interdisciplinary manner. 

This year, when the international scientific and legal community celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the first United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20),  the discussions at the First Contemporary Challenges Congerence of International Environmental Law will have a double significance. First, they will critically assess the current development in the field of international environmental law. Second, the presentations at the conference will also indicate the future directions of the international environmental law development and assess the outcomes of the Rio+20 conference, which will take place in Rio just one week earlier (June 20-22). 


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