Borrowing and Circulation

Library materials published since 1980 (books) / 2000 (journals) are on open access, materials published before 1980 / 2000 are located in storage. Library users should order materials located in storage at the Circulation Desk. Waiting period is one hour.

A library membership card issued by the library shall be used for all materials borrowed, renewed, reserved and requested by interlibrary loan. A library membership card is issued by personally visiting the library. The borrower shall provide an identity document as proof of identity and a valid permit for a temporary residence in the Republic of Slovenia. An application shall be filled in by using the form: Borrower Registration Form at the Circulation Desk.

In order to register to the library Erasmus students are obliged to pay a membership fee. A receipt for the membership fee paid shall be issued. Erasmus students are free of membership fees in other libraries of University of Ljubljana, in National and University Library and in Central Technological Library at the University of Ljubljana, when they produce this receipt to these libraries.

When Erasmus students pay all debts and return all borrowed items at the end of their study at the faculty, they receive the library certificate of having fulfilled obligations. If not so, they cannot receive the academic transcript at the faculty international relations office.

Users can find a particular item after consulting a librarian or by themselves using the card catalogues or via the online COBISS system catalogue. They can borrow materials with a membership card, which was issued by a librarian. Users may borrow a maximum of 15 items. Materials (books, theses) that can be borrowed are due back in 30 days. Users should bring back the borrowed items when due, if not, they are obliged to pay a fine.

Library materials are arranged in 12 expert categories:

PC – Civil Law

PD – Labour Law

PEF – Economy and Sociology

PFI – Philosophy of Law

PH – History of Law

PJ – Public Law

PK – Criminal Law

PL – Legislation

PR – Periodicals

PZ – Collection of Scientific Papers

PV – Varia

Within a particular expert category materials are arranged in alphabetical order.

The library has the study collection: reference books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, textbooks, legislation, official gazettes and periodicals, which can only be used for reading room. However, users can take these materials out of the library, but the borrowed items are due back the same day. If not so, users are obliged to pay a fine.

One self-service photocopy machine is available in the library. Each user can make copies with a photocopy card, which can be purchased at the circulation desk in the library.

The library also provides a service of electronic notification via online COBISS system: My Library. Prior to using this service, a member must have the initial password given by the library. This password for renewing the loan period, ordering and reserving materials – COBISS password is chosen by a member at the Circulation Desk. A library member has to provide his/her e-mail address to the library. A member can choose among messages that are facilitated by the library: message about reservation expiry, about availability of reserved material, about forthcoming expiry of loan period, about forthcoming overdue notice, about membership expiry and general library messages.

Library items may be renewed in person at the Circulation Desk or by phone or via the online COBISS system: My Library. Materials may not be renewed if they have been reserved by another borrower or if they have exceeded the renewal limit. Materials cannot be renewed if they are overdue.

Reservations of borrowed materials are possible in person at the circulation desk, by phone and e-mail or via the online COBISS system. When reserved items are returned and available to users, users are notified via electronic notification or by phone. As of the date when users are notified, they have 5 days to collect the reserved items.

Users can also order available materials by phone or via the online COBISS system. As of the date when materials are ordered, users have 5 days to collect them.

The library also provides a service of interlibrary loan whereby a user of one library can borrow books or receive photocopies of documents that are owned by another library. A user can make a request for interlibrary loan at the circulation desk.

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