Borrowing and Circulation

Library materials published since 2000 may be accessed freely, while materials published before 2000 are located in the storage area. Users should order materials located in the storage area at the Circulation Desk. The waiting period is one hour.
Library materials are arranged in 11 categories:
  • PC – Civil Law
  • PD – Labour Law
  • PEF – Economy and Sociology
  • PFI – Philosophy of Law
  • PH – History of Law
  • PJ – Public Law
  • PK – Criminal Law
  • PL – Legislation
  • PR – Periodicals
  • PZ – Collections of Scientific Papers
  • PV – Varia
Within a particular category, items are arranged alphabetically, by either title or author. Legislation is additionally arranged by the country of origin.
The library also has a reference collection consisting of encyclopaedias, dictionaries, textbooks, legislation, official gazettes and periodicals. Reference materials can be used in the library or, if borrowed from the library, must be returned on the same day.
Other library materials (books, theses) that can be borrowed from the library are due back in 30 days. A user may borrow a maximum of 15 (fifteen) items.
Users can find a particular library item by consulting a librarian or by using the card catalogues or the online COBISS+ catalogues:

A library membership card is issued by the library to be used for borrowing, renewal, orders, reservations and interlibrary loan of all materials. The library membership card is issued to a user when they visit the library in person. The user is required to provide an identity document and a temporary residence permit; they also need to sign a filled-out registration form.
Erasmus+ students can use their student cards as library membership cards, and they are free of membership fees in all libraries of the University of Ljubljana.
In order to receive the official transcript of records, Erasmus+ students should obtain the library certificate of fulfilled obligations, stating that they have returned all borrowed items and have no unpaid library fines.
Upon registration, a user is also provided with a password to their My COBISS profile (My library) which can be used for orders, reservations and renewals, as well as notifications via an e-mail address.

Library items can also be ordered, reserved or renewed in person at the Circulation Desk, by phone or by e-mail.
Ordered and reserved items must be collected within 5 (five) business days.
Items cannot be renewed if they are overdue or have been reserved by other user(s) of the library.
The library also provides an interlibrary loan service of either hard or soft copies of reading materials owned by other libraries.
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