Price List

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Law Library

  Price List 2020 / 2021



Membership fee for Erasmus students (half year)

10,00 EUR

Membership fee – individual employees of other faculties of University of Ljubljana (one year)

16,20 EUR

Membership fee – individuals (one year)

35,00 EUR

Membership fee – individuals (half year)

25,00 EUR

Membership fee - individuals (three months)

16,00 EUR

Membership fee - individuals (one month)

10,00 EUR

Membership fee - companies (one year)

150,00 EUR

Membership fee - companies (half year)

80,00 EUR

Overdue fines for expiry of the loan period:


Overdue charge (per a day)

0,30 EUR

Overdue charge for the reading room item (per a day)

6,30 EUR

The first overdue notice

0,60 EUR

The second overdue notice

1,20 EUR

The third overdue notice

2,80 EUR

The forth overdue notice

20,00 EUR

Overdue charge and overdue notices are being added up. 


Damaged, destroyed or lost library materials:


Replacement or repair costs for an item

actual costs

Processing costs

6,30 EUR

Other services:


New membership card (issue of a duplicate)

3,70 EUR

Print (per a page)

0,10 EUR

Fotocopy/scan (per a page)

0,20 EUR

Interlibrary loan (from other slovenian libraries):

- an item

6,10 EUR + supply price

- an article

1,00 EUR + supply price

Ordering and reservation of library materials:


Notifications on reserved or ordered items (e-mail) 

free of charge

Unclaimed ordered or reserved material ( per unit )

0,70 EUR

Price list has been valid since 1st October 2020.

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