Vabilo k izpolnjevanju ankete zagrebške študentke

Študentka sociologije Emanuela Međan z Univerze v Zagrebu vabi študente Univerze v Ljubljani, da ji z izpolnitvijo spletnega vprašalnika pomagajo pri raziskavi za njeno zaključno nalogo.

Več informacij in povezavo do ankete najdete spodaj:

You are being asked to part in a research study on students' informing habits as well as attitudes towards EU's democratic deficit. Purpose of this study is writing of final thesis by Emanuela Međan (student of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, course Sociology). Thesis is written under guidance of prof. Dragan Bagić.

If your are willing to participate, please fill in this questionnaire (it should not last more than 15 minutes):

Questionnaire is consisted of questions about some aspects of your informing on EU subjects, attitudes towards EU's democratic deficit as well as your general information.

Participation is anonymous as well as voluntary. Data obtained from this research will only be used for writing final thesis and scientific purposes. All data will be analysed only on a group level. One's answers will not be presented separately from others. Furthermore, one will not be asked to write his/her name or surname. Thus, one can withdraw at any time without any consequences.

It is important for us to collect accurate data as much as possible. We kindly ask you to be honest when answering this questionnaire. There are no right or wrong answers.

Should you have doubts related to this research, please contact creator of this questionnaire ( or her mentor ( Should you want to lodge a complaint or be informed about final conclusions of this research, please contact us on above mentioned e - mail addresses.

We thank you in advance for participation!