Informacija o globalnem programu zagovorništva Towards the enforcement of the Right to Peace

Mladinska nevladna organizacija Platform for Peace and Humanity je nedavno začela izvajati program zagovorništva z naslovom Towards the enforcement of the Right to Peace.

Nekaj informacij o programu:

The goal of this global campaign is to advocate for the progressive development of the human right to peace and crimes against peace in international law. The global advocacy programme has been awarded the best youth project from Europe award at the Intergenerational forum on peace, the climate, nuclear disarmament, and the pandemic (PACEY) held on 19 January 2021. Currently, several senior professionals including Marc Finaud, Alyn Ware and Sir Howard Morrison have endorsed our global advocacy programme.

As a part of this project, we are inviting young global peace ambassadors with the understanding and the motivation on the matters of peace and international justice from every UN member state. The selected ambassadors will lead the national campaigns in their home States, raising awareness about the need to strengthen the domestic and international order and building public pressure to adopt domestic instruments to give effect to the same.

We strongly believe that our goal won't be met without every single country represented and their opinions heard. 

The link details the procedure of making an application and provides more information about the project here.