Department for Legal Theory and Sociology of Law

Its research-scientific and teaching area covers the holistic view of the law as a social discipline consisting from values, norms and social relations. The members of the Department study law and legal procesess from legal-philosophical, legal theoretical and legal sociological aspect. Such approach is manifested in teaching areas which include, among basic courses, Introduction to Legal Theory (First Year), Philosophy of Law (Thirs Year), and Sociology of Law (First Year).  These basic courses offer introductory and basic knowledge about law, state and society, while teaching students basic legal practical techniques and skills, such as mastery of legal language, legal logic, legal argumentation and methodology of drafting legal acts. The members of the Department offer also elective courses: Theory of the State, Legal Theory, Sociology of law, and Selected Topics from Comparative Law. Philosophy of Law is a required common course for all postgraduate programs offered at the Faculty of Law.

 In the past, the Department areas and courses were taught by many distinguished scholars such as Leonid Pitamic (1885-1971), Boris Furlan (1894-1957), Evgen Spektorski (1875-1951), Gorazd Kušej (1907-1985), Jože Goričar (1907-1985) and others.

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