Department of Constitutional Law

Teachers from this Department are engaged in teaching and research activity in the area of constitutional law.  Core subjects of teaching on the graduate level are Constitutional law, Comparative Constitutional law, Constitutional Procedural Law, European Constitutional Law, Electoral and Parliamentary Law, Council of Europe Law and Local Government. As two basic courses, Constitutional Law and Comparative Constitutional law are taught during the first year of the study, while other more specialized courses are taught as elective courses during the fourth, the last year of the study. 

Teaching on the postgradute level is aimed at in-depth  study of basic courses. Here the Department also offers additional courses like Protection of Human Rights, Direct Democracy, Responsibility of public officials, Legislative Process, Constitutional Judiciary and European Law of Human Rights. Professors from abroad also participate in this program. The Department offers its constitutional courses in other faculties as well. 

The faculty members of the Department perform their research and development activities together with legal counseling work with the aim of systematic development of constitutional law doctrine.  As the most important activities can be listed the department's participation in working groups preparing constitutional amendments and systemic changes in electoral system, direct democracy, parliamentary law and local government. The members of the Department are included in various international expert and reserach groups.

 The members of the Department are well established legal experts, writers of many scientific works. Many of them were and still are important public and experts officials.


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