Vabilo CIArb na dogodek "Student Open Day Event 2021" na temo arbitraže in alternativnega reševanja sporov

CIArb (Chartered Institute of Arbitrators)
iz Londona nam je posredoval spodnje vabilo, namenjeno tudi našim diplomantom in magistrskim študentom. Nekaj informacij o dogodku, ki bo potekal 18. februarja 2021, najdete tudi v pripeti datoteki.

A few years ago CIArb began an initiative to improve our interaction with law students around the world interested in alternative dispute resolution and to increase student involvement via our free Student Affiliate membership. To that end, we held our first Student Open Day event at our London offices and invited our members to talk to students about their experience, in particular in membership with CIArb. The event was a great success and we decided to hold it annually. As before, this year the event will be targeted at students in law programmes and courses, but will be held online.

Provision of educational and networking opportunities for aspiring dispute resolution lawyers and promotion of arbitration and alternative dispute resolution are some of CIArb's greatest values, therefore we are doing our best to make the event as beneficial for your students as possible.  

The event will take place on 18 February (registration is free).

Renowned dispute resolution practitioners will speak to students about their experience as members of the organisation, free student membership and benefits students will get throughout the academic year (including brilliant professional, academic and networking opportunities). There will be three lectures (we allocated time slots for major regions: 8 am, 12 pm and 5 pm UK time) and each lecture will be followed by a panel discussion on students’ career opportunities.