Univerza v Helsinkih ponuja postdoktorsko delovno mesto

Z Univerze v Helsinkih (Finska) smo prejeli spodnje obvestilo oziroma prošnjo po posredovanju informacije o odprtem delovnem mestu:

We are recruiting a post doc researcher specialized in AI and tort law.

The Faculty of Law invites applications for POST-DOCTORAL RESEARCHER IN LAW (Damages liability for AI-related harm, a European perspective) for a fixed term of 36 months.

The appointee’s duties will include conducting research and providing teaching in damages liability law and European law, as well as other activities at the Faculty and the University of Helsinki Legal Tech Lab.

The appointee will be a group member in a new research project (directed by Assistant Prof. Katri Havu) that addresses the question of how AI-related damages liability should be regulated in the EU. The Project covers EU law and its relationship to Member State laws. The Project focuses on desirable liability rules in terms of their substance and on appropriate system levels and methods for developing regulation, and presents recommendations for legal and regulatory solutions. The appointee will focus on the methods for developing regulation and should have previous experience of private law research and EU law research. Interest in or experience of research on self-regulation, law and economics, or philosophical foundations of regulation, law and new technologies, and/or damages liability law or tort law will be considered an asset. In addition to independent research work, the post-doctoral researcher must be able to work as a team with the other group members in order to follow the overarching project research plan. The main working language will be English.

The University of Helsinki Legal Tech Lab, where other similar research projects are ongoing, will serve as the daily working environment for the appointed post-doctoral researcher.

The appointee shall have completed an applicable doctoral degree (law) before the start of employment. The position requires the ability and motivation to conduct independent scientific research, and very good or excellent oral and written proficiency in English. A good command of other European languages would be an advantage.

Please circulate this to all that might be interested: https://www2.helsinki.fi/en/open-positions/post-doctoral-researcher-damages-liability-for-ai-related-harm-european-perspective